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Located at: 2220 SACRAMENTO ST, San Francisco, CA

This is The Mansions Hotel and Restaurant. Unfortunately does not look like this any longer, and is no longer open. But I'm working on getting a current photo. Sadly enough it looks abandoned.
Leslie and I went to visit it for the first time. It was a cold and rainy evening, around 9pm Sunday February 18, 2001. To our shock, the Mansion was closed. The front garden was gone (if you look at the pic on the left it's the house on the right that we were looking at) all those hedges and concrete totally gone, it kinda looked like a driveway to the house, so you were able to see the basement area. The stairs leading to the grand front double doors, missing, and the whole front gated off.

I was so drawn to the house, it made me feel sad, it didn't want me to go. I became more curious as I stared at it. I noticed some of the windows missing and no curtains, so I walked back to the car to get a flashlight. As I shined the light inside, I was so saddened to see bare walls, not walls you can hang stuff, but the skeletal walls, as if it was being built.

Before we came we hadn't really researched the house. I didn't realize that the house to the left of it was part of the hotel. Now we are on a mission, to find out more of the history and find out why this glorious Mansion closed down.

UPDATE: Feb. 21,2001

Leslie Did a lot of Research, She's the BEST. What we found out was, that the Chamber's Mansion was sold in April 2000 for $2.1 Million to an unknown source, but we will find that out. Unfortunately the House has been zoned to be a Single-family Home. I hope they are aware of the History of the house. The former Owner, Bob Pritikin, now owns a theatre, so we'll check out the show and talk to some of the magicians that performed at the Mansions Hotel and get their side of the story. And maybe, maybe try to speak to Bob himself. So, it's still a Mystery on why the Chambers Mansion was closed and sold. But Leslie and I will uncover that up with the help of our Pesky Dogg, Marco Doo =)

UPDATE: March 7,2001

Hey, check out The Mansions website, Sorry I forgot to post this earlier. But check out the rooms, this place was amazing. It's so sad that It's all gone and it's been gutted out to become a stupid single-family home. I bet Claudia isn't too happy about that. Speaking of, Claudia, is Claudia Chambers, Mr. Richard Chambers niece. He is the original owner of the mansion. His two nieces inherited the mansions after he had passed away, because Mr. Chambers never had children of his own. Claudia loved pigs, and raised them at the house. Unfortunately Claudia passed away, it's not clear how though. One story tells of her being chopped or sawed in half, another is an accident involving knives. But she's still there at the house, and probably not too happy right now. When the Mansions was an open Hotel, Claudia was part of the Magic Dinner Show. That would have been really nice to witness.

UPDATE: February 9, 2005

Unfortunately we have not been able to investigate further into the Chamber's Manson aka Mansions Hotel. But we were back in San Francisco on a trip to visit family and decided to take some pictures of the exterior. All pics were take on September 26, 2004. Enjoy. Also the link above no longer works, the site was apparently taken down years ago. I wish I had downloaded some of the pictures to give everyone an idea of what it used to look like inside.


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