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April 11, 2001
This is the first time this has happened to me. Nothing unusual with my house, I have lived in it for 10 years and it had only 2 previous owners, both women who are still alive. The place I took the photo is right next to my computer, and I have taken photos over and over there and never had anything strange like that happen before or again. I buy a lot of used and antique items, is it possible that a previous owner attached themselves to the book? I think I have heard that spirits sometimes center around an object.
I tried to see if there was something I did that caused the photo to come out that way. I took a picture with my finger in front of the lens to see how it would turn out. This was a hard thing to do because of the way the camera is shaped and I have short fingers. The finger came out white but not puffy and I could see some sking color too. Then I tried to take a pic with the camera strap in front of the camera. It came out as a black line in the photo. If you've been to the auction you've seen the normal photo I have of the book as well, it was taken just a couple minutes later. So I cannot come up with anything that could've interfered with the picture, except something ghostly.
I have written articles for Fate Magazine on occasion and have photographed many haunted places. I have never had anything like this come out on a photo. My last article for Fate was in the january 2001 issue called Big Nose Kate's Saloon.
I have attached the large format of the photo as I took it from the digital camera. The camera I used to take the pic is a Kodak DC280 Zoom, 2.0 megapixels. And yes, you have my permission to post it on your web site.


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