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June 11, 2001
Thank you for responding, I haven't had an actual psychic come in and look around yet the only reason I suspect something is up because of my own empathic abilities I have been able to sense spirits since I was a child there were certain places in this house I would not go alone because I could sense the negativity in the room. Which is why i get so frantic sometimes.
I've tried doing research in my area but the people at the historical society acted like they didn't know what I was talking about. Then I attempted to go to city hall and find out what was here before the house got built I know that it wasn't built until 1964. But that is all the information I got. I have several times taken pictures of my house with all the lights off only once did something show up and it was in the mirror in my bedroom some people say it's just a reflection of the plastic bag but come on if you look at it you can clearly see that is the shape of a man or woman. the face of this spirit is so clear that it's almost frightining.
I wish I had the tools to find out what exactly happend here. But i am inexperienced in this area. the only thing I have to go on is my being an empath, and alot of people are not accepting of that yet. So I'm pretty much left in the dark, with where to go next. Thanks for your help I will keep you posted on what I find.
June 12, 2001
Again thank you for responding, I live in Livonia MI. On a street called xxxxx the address xxxxx. I will be able to send you the picture I find it quite funny the reason I was taking the picture was for a fan project for the show roswell and I was taking a picture of a big stuffed alien for the show, when I started looking through my pictures I was amazed to see what was in the mirror.
The name of our historical society is greenmead. Oh one thing i did find out is that our street name changed when they built the house only I wasn't able to get the orginal street name, I felt like I was being sent on a wild goose chase.


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